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At ELECTRIC AMP, USA the Power Section for the Amp Units is Basic and Straight Forward.
All of our AMP UNITS can be made in the Various ELECTRON TUBE Choices we offer.
We have sourced and custom designed the perfect set of hand wound transformers for each Amp Unit.

4 - KT88 180watt Amp Unit has alot of headroom and a very nice dark distortion.
The distortion has a ripe vintage break up with a shorter sustain giving the classic rock tones.
Bottom end is huge, and can be used for guitar or bass.  This amp drives 2 to 4 4x12's real nice.
The transformers were designed to capture the tones of 1972 Matamp 200 and early
Marshall Major.   Perfectly wound and custom voltages to keep the tube life long play.
This unit bench tests around 210-215 Watt output and howls all night long with
no hesitation.

4 - EL34 120watt Amp Unit is "The" EA-USA Unit that delivers face melting guitar tones.
4x12's or through our 6x12, this amp delivers all of the blazing classic tones expected
from heavy rock and roll.   Modern Indy/Underground to the best 1966-76 era of guitar tones.
The transformers were specifically designed to capture the Sonic Tones and bang on the
grid voltage door with two fists.  Custom Made and hand wound with the reliability achieved
for a lifetime of anxiety free jamming, just for EA-USA.   This amp pegs the 120watt mark
and is the most incredible Master Volume Distortion available.  Dead quiet until you stroke
the strings of your instrument and squeeze out drooling feedback overtones.
Heavy Metal to Vintage you have your hands full.  The Choice Amp Unit.

2 - EL34 /2- GZ34 51watt Amp Unit brings down the wattage output and gives you an early
distortion peak.  DUAL Rectification from the GZ's and special transformers with Vintage
Mids and super articulate picking in mind.  Volume measured in decibel is very close to
the 120watt Unit, without as much bottom end.    Incredibly versatile and an amp that stops
time on the clock once you plug in.   Transformers are modified designs from the early
Marshall JTM45, AMPEG V4 & the OR80's, custom made for Electric Amp USA.
Driving 65 nominal watts output when cranked.

2 - KT88 /2- GZ34 69watt Amp Unit pulls hard on the Vintage Distortion  and has a Clean
Headroom Bark that hits you in the chest.   Driving a good 80watt output when overdriven
the tones are versatile from fat dark to articulate treble.  Transformers are custom made
from the early 70's SUNN 200 design.   KT88 Clarity, Feedback and Distortion at a wattage
that is ideal for almost all guitar players.   Dual Rectified with 2 GZ34's makes this a smooth
operator that fires tone like a 44 Magnum.

4 - KT88 180watt Amp Unit is the monster clean tone machine for Bass or Guitar.
Capable of Driving over 200 watts and set up to drive all night long without the heat
and tube failure common with high wattage tube amps.  This amp drives 2 to 4 4x12's
great for guitar.  Bass players like it with the 4x15, 8x10, 6x12 Tonker and our
special 4-10/2x15 bass cab.  Put a pedal in front of this amp and blaze tones.
The transformers were designed to capture the tones of 1972 Matamp 200 and early
Marshall Major.   Perfectly wound and custom voltages to keep the tube life long play.
Chest Pounding, Face Melting, BIG ROUND CLEANS and Natural Distortions.

4 - EL34 120watt Amp Unit is the famed 6 knob unit that pegs the 1968-1973 era
of the GT-120 designed by our mentor the late Mat Mathias.  Resurected to meet
the demands of the ever popular underground that requires huge volume.  We use
a special type of High Voltage EL34's from Tesla that are extreme tested for
long life and reliability.  You won't find them built like this anywhere on Earth.

2 - EL34 /2- GZ34 51watt Amp Unit captures the unique tones of early rock and roll
that created the psychedelic era.  Fast picking, fast reaction crisp tones that bark
the coolest feedback tones.  Bringing on the output total around 65+watts this amp
delivers that cool tone found from the British JTM45, Ampeg V4, GT & OR80's.
Rare to find one of those units, so we took it one step further with Dual Rectifiers.
This unit is available with Tremolo that pegs the spooky essence of tremolo vibes.

2 - KT88 /2- GZ34 69watt Amp Unit is big and clean, lean and mean.  Mounted up
with the custom made transformers that are generated from the SUNN 200's
of the early 70's design.  An excellent choice for all types of guitar playing.
Also available with Tremolo.  If you like KT88's but want lower output wattage for guitar
this unit will serve tone for a lifetime.

4 - KT88 180watt Amp Unit the foundation of power tube  amplifiers.  This amp is
very popular for bass players that use 8-10, 4x15 & our high output 6x12.  IT loves
to be used with an instrument straight into the panel OR with effects pedals.
The 3 knobs are quite versatile with tone variations.  We have made a great amount
of these amps for bass players that love the HUGE warm tone.
This amp unit also serves a great slave unit to our other UNIT's.  The RMS output
is almost 20% higher than the 4 KT88 versions of the Volume Unit and Master Volume.

4 - EL34 120watt Amp Unit the clean foundation of Tube Amplification with the great
mid range that EL34's deliver.  This barks great foundation for Guitar and a super
clean tone for Bass.  Direct or with pedals it is the heart of tube amplifiers with
the most basic front panel EQ.

2 - EL34 /2- GZ34 51watt Amp Unit is a smaller output 3 knob amp that has abundant
versatility from instruments, hi-fi, and other pro audio applications.

2 - KT88 /2- GZ34 69watt Amp Unit provides a super big sound with a super military
grade format.  Instruments, PA's, DJ's, HI-FIDELITY, Military Installation and Radio
Communication capability.   GZ Rectified for great audio and true Military Grade/JAN SPEC.

NOTE: Upon Request 6550 or KT100's Electron Tubes are available in our high watt units.

Transformers and Tubes Mounted on the EA-USA 12&14 Gauge Detroit Steel Chassis

EA GZ51 UNIT -  2 EL34/2 GZ34

EA GZ69 UNIT - 2 KT88/2 GZ34's

EA EL120 UNIT - 4 EL34

EA KT180 UNIT - 4 KT88

All Electric Amp USA Units are Hardwire & Point to Point.